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    More Information is NOT What You Need (Here’s What You Do Need)- EMAIL SAMPLE

    The number one reason women fail in business is because they paralyze themselves in an abyss of “information.” They get stuck in the feeling of needing to know more, instead of taking action as they learn. And it’s not just a need to know more, sometimes it’s an excuse not to take action. IT MAKES US THINK AND FEEL THAT WE ARE ACTUALLY MOVING FORWARD WHEN IN FACT WE ARE NOT! And perhaps it’s just another version of busy work… We convince ourselves we’re doing for our business when in reality we’re just hiding. Hiding from trying. Hiding from failure. Hiding from fear. And even hiding from success. So why…

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    Sometimes There’s Going to be A Little Pain Involved

    They never prepare you for how to be a parent. One day everything changes. Everything! It can happen almost overnight. One day we’re having trouble with finding clean matching socks and now we’re responsible for a life? It’s terrifying! No matter how much you plan or how confident you are about life, there are things you can’t prepare for…but it shouldn’t stop you from trying. The trick is not pretending that it doesn’t exist. You’ve got to face it and deal with it head on. It’s not fun. It’s never comfortable. And sometimes there’s going to be a little pain involved. But if you don’t resolve it, it is a…

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    I Was Helpless to Save My Baby Sister

    A 20% mortality rate. Excuse me…what? When she was only 28 years old, my sister was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease with a 20% mortality rate. Dermatomyositis. Once diagnosed, she was immediately put on a dose of prednisone (steroids) that could choke a horse. Something like 100mg per day. She’s 5’3”. That stuff, while ‘curing her’, messed her up. Messed up her head. She was diminished as a person and a shell of the girl I grew up with. She was distant, in a fog. Couldn’t hold a single conversation and would spend 6 hours a day staring at the directory channel. Being close as kids, felt helpless being her…

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    There’s A Better Plan (If You’re Willing to Implement It)

    Back in the day when we wrote paper checks to pay our bills, man, am I ‘dating’ myself…lol? I used to round up when I would enter the check number and amount in my checkbook register. For example, if I wrote a check to the power company for $112.34, I would record that but take out $113 or $114 from my hand-written balance so I was ‘secretly’ forcing a savings into my account. Why? I was plain old tired. Got tired of running down to less than $20 every paycheck after bills were paid. It took more than a year to wind up with just a few hundred dollars ‘extra’…

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    When Heatstroke is Healthier For You Than Water

    The sun scorched my sun burned back as I headed home from my third and final walk of the day. I’ve been consistently getting three workouts in for the past couple weeks and have seen dramatic rewards as a result. It’s working. Finally. After years of struggling to lose weight using all kinds of products and special diets, I finally found something that worked. No more pills, potions, cocktails, horrible frozen boxed food. No more ‘diet’ ANYTHING! Walking and weight training combined with a healthy diet has afforded me to correct some medical issues, lose weight, feel and look better. As I’m walking I carry a towel and a liter…

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    How I Lost 10k in 4 Hours

    Poker popularity was surging in the mid 2000’s. When visiting family, I ventured to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut to take my shot. Laughable looking back. I bought into a mini-tournament. It cost $200. It was a one table ‘sit-n-go’. I lost. ouch. I bought into another. I won it, which earned me a $1,000 seat in a larger multi-table tournament. In this $1,000 table, the top 22 people would earn a seat in the $10,000 buy-in World Poker Tour Main Event. It was coming down to the wire. Literally. I was among the last 23 people. The next one to lose would be cut and the remaining would get their…

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    Email Campaign Sequence

    Email #1   Subject: [GCM] Ch. 1 of 5: Don’t Build Your House Over A Sinkhole   Greg Corso Method: 5 Steps to Adding a Minimum of 5-10 New Closings a Month on Auto-Pilot Without Relying on Referrals or Repeat Business.   Welcome to your training!     Over the next five days you are going to learn how you can increase your commissions, get a steady stream of new clients and never have to rely on other people’s referrals again!   I’m very excited to share this with you because I know how hard it can be to suffer through the peaks and valleys of the mortgage industry.  …

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