Being a new mom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Sometimes it’s hell.

You’re exhausted.



You might even feel inadequate and weak.


You haven’t noticed that spark of desire in your husband’s eyes since the baby was born. You’ve been so busy, you haven’t had any time for him and you fear that you’re losing his attention.


You keep taking advantage of the grocery store’s two-for-one deals on all their bakery cakes and pies, even though no one ends up eating them but you (and that’s your plan).


You’re too scared to give away your maternity clothes because they’re the only wardrobe that fits right now.


Depression is setting in because you’re terrified that the days of skinny jeans, girls’ night outs, and hot sex with your husband are behind you.


You’re beginning to question who you are now outside of being “mom.”


Screw THAT!


You and I both know you aren’t going to accept this version of reality.


You’re not going to tolerate feeling this way for the rest of your life.


You’re a woman who commands attention when she enters the room.


That little black dress demands that you return to make it a legacy.


You’re a modern day powerhouse who is convinced you will find the energy to do it all.


And come hell or high water, you’re going to find the balance between you- the mom, and you- the warrior goddess.


Emotional eating doesn’t control you.


Fatigue can’t hold you down.


You will rise to the occasion and be a stellar mom, a balanced woman and a timeless sexpot.


All you need is the “how.”





A zero-fuss, zero-time suckage mind/body system for new moms who aren’t just moms-- they’re a hurricane-force wind of change.


Women with the foresight to know that with motherhood comes challenges, not life sentences.


Women who understand that the right results-driven program can help them transition into the mothers they have become while preserving the individual woman they want to be.


Because while you’re a new mom, you’re still you.


And that deserves to be preserved and celebrated.


That’s where I come in.


I designed The New Mom Mind/Body Fitness Revolution because I know a woman doesn’t want to stop feeling alluring, desirable and healthy just because she’s entered the sisterhood of motherhood. I know a woman will selflessly put her family first, and can ignore her own needs- so I make sure she doesn’t.


Basically, I help women balance the emotional challenges of motherhood using the power of self-improvement through nutrition and fitness.


I help women like you:


  • Feel joy meeting friends for the first time since having your baby confident that you look and feel your best.


  • Come off as a modern day domestic warrior, able to organize and balance the demands of housework, new baby and career because you’ve figured out how to do it all and still have energy left over.


  • Feel excited when you run into an acquaintance you haven’t seen a long time instead of running and hiding because you don’t feel confident about how you look.


  • Enjoy the pride you feel when your co-workers can’t stop talking about how great you look because you followed my system and know you deserve to bask in this glorious moment.


  • Effortlessly reject the foods and bad habits that trapped you into feeling unworthy, undervalued, and unloved.


  • Light a match to that maternity wardrobe that you don’t have to stay in because all your pre-baby clothes fit you like a comfy glove.


  • Enjoy your several mile walk, run, hikes pushing your stroller uphill both ways because you have the endurance and energy to keep going.


  • Master your inner Martha Stewart cooking healthy meals that fuel your hectic lifestyle and keeps your family going.


  • Lay your head on that luxurious feather pillow each night with a clear conscious and full heart that you have given everything you had to the day and still had energy and plenty of productivity left over.


  • Ignite that passion with your husband as you both act like teenagers and keep your intimacy front and center in your relationship even with a full house and huge demand on your time.


Bottom line: I teach you how to be the superhero of your own life.


So what are you going to get?


  • One-on-one coaching session- So you can determine if I am the Thelma to your Louise.
  • One-hour consultation- I’ll ask you a series of probing questions to determine exactly where you’re having problems and together we will create a customized plan to get you on the path to empowered in 90 days.
  • Workout plan- I design a one-of-a kind fitness plan based on your current level of fitness and your goals so you aren’t left alone at any point to guess about what you should be doing.
  • Nutrition guide- I evaluate your labs and tell you exactly what foods to eat, how many times a day, and prepare you with a done-for-you grocery list and video tutorials on how to prepare each so you know every day what you will be making for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’re going to get the right foods for your body type and will start feeling a lot better. No guesswork required.
  • Accountability Facebook group- A coven for like-minded strong women like yourself who come together to share their journeys and support one another. Never are you alone for one second when you’re with us.