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    I Was Helpless to Save My Baby Sister

    A 20% mortality rate. Excuse me…what? When she was only 28 years old, my sister was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease with a 20% mortality rate. Dermatomyositis. Once diagnosed, she was immediately put on a dose of prednisone (steroids) that could choke a horse. Something like 100mg per day. She’s 5’3”. That stuff, while ‘curing her’, messed her up. Messed up her head. She was diminished as a person and a shell of the girl I grew up with. She was distant, in a fog. Couldn’t hold a single conversation and would spend 6 hours a day staring at the directory channel. Being close as kids, felt helpless being her…

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    There’s A Better Plan (If You’re Willing to Implement It)

    Back in the day when we wrote paper checks to pay our bills, man, am I ‘dating’ myself…lol? I used to round up when I would enter the check number and amount in my checkbook register. For example, if I wrote a check to the power company for $112.34, I would record that but take out $113 or $114 from my hand-written balance so I was ‘secretly’ forcing a savings into my account. Why? I was plain old tired. Got tired of running down to less than $20 every paycheck after bills were paid. It took more than a year to wind up with just a few hundred dollars ‘extra’…

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    When Heatstroke is Healthier For You Than Water

    The sun scorched my sun burned back as I headed home from my third and final walk of the day. I’ve been consistently getting three workouts in for the past couple weeks and have seen dramatic rewards as a result. It’s working. Finally. After years of struggling to lose weight using all kinds of products and special diets, I finally found something that worked. No more pills, potions, cocktails, horrible frozen boxed food. No more ‘diet’ ANYTHING! Walking and weight training combined with a healthy diet has afforded me to correct some medical issues, lose weight, feel and look better. As I’m walking I carry a towel and a liter…

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    How I Lost 10k in 4 Hours

    Poker popularity was surging in the mid 2000’s. When visiting family, I ventured to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut to take my shot. Laughable looking back. I bought into a mini-tournament. It cost $200. It was a one table ‘sit-n-go’. I lost. ouch. I bought into another. I won it, which earned me a $1,000 seat in a larger multi-table tournament. In this $1,000 table, the top 22 people would earn a seat in the $10,000 buy-in World Poker Tour Main Event. It was coming down to the wire. Literally. I was among the last 23 people. The next one to lose would be cut and the remaining would get their…

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    Email Campaign Sequence

    Email #1   Subject: [GCM] Ch. 1 of 5: Don’t Build Your House Over A Sinkhole   Greg Corso Method: 5 Steps to Adding a Minimum of 5-10 New Closings a Month on Auto-Pilot Without Relying on Referrals or Repeat Business.   Welcome to your training!     Over the next five days you are going to learn how you can increase your commissions, get a steady stream of new clients and never have to rely on other people’s referrals again!   I’m very excited to share this with you because I know how hard it can be to suffer through the peaks and valleys of the mortgage industry.  …

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