Coaching/Consulting Facebook Ad

Dear Coaching Expert,

In the eyes of the world, I’m nobody special.

With a small group who follow me.

And I’m not trying to sell you on a magic “All Your Problems are Solved!” system.

Or ask you to sign up for a “live” training course that conveniently begins 5 minutes from now.

And, I’m camera shy, so this message will have to do.

Having said all that?

My sales are through the roof.

I’m getting thousands of dollars a week flooding into my bank account for spending as little as a few hours a day on “work.”

(My worst performing days still yield me hundreds of dollars. So it’s still not bad at all. Especially when each client is worth a few grand.)

The strange thing is:

I haven’t even started using Facebook ads (until just this second- because time leverage, ya know?). Or a pretty website. Or a hoity-toity funnel. Or a gigantic email list.

Nor am I a slave to my laptop 15 hours a day.

So what’s the “magic pill?”

I wish I knew of one!

Here’s what I know:

If you’re at all interested in attracting a steady stream of leads and paying clients…and grow your business exponentially….stop following every bandwagon tip and trick in the business.


Being yourself + copywriting = a tribe following = MASSIVE SALES.

Nothing else is a priority.

Just stick to being who you are. Spread your message. Share your opportunity. Collect dollar bills, y’all.

It’s not about website design, or pretty fonts, or adorable candid shots of you mid-snuggle with your furry family member.

It’s about your message. Dead serious. That’s 99.9% of it.

And there’s no measure of complexity that will rescue a bad copywriting strategy.

So if you want my advice, I’d get super serious about your message and loosen the choke hold on the techy tweaking and bells and whistles bull crap.

If you’re at all curious to see how I do it:

I made a FREE 28-minute video that shows you everything.

Watch me show you a copywriting formula that gets leads, bypasses that fear of writer’s paralysis, and makes it appear effortless- just opt-in here.

Chill. The video’s all education, no cheese.

I don’t even try to put the awkward yawn/arm-around-the-shoulder sell on you. (That happens on our second date, silly goose.)


I’m Audi 5000 outta here to go shopping.

Double punch to the heart & peace sign,




P.S.- Go here and enter your name and email to watch me show you how to create a successful ad, start to finish.

- Heck, maybe this’ll help you get more clients.