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    Being a new mom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes it’s hell. You’re exhausted. Overwhelmed. Insecure. You might even feel inadequate and weak.   You haven’t noticed that spark of desire in your husband’s eyes since the baby was born. You’ve been so busy, you haven’t had any time for him and you fear that you’re losing his attention.   You keep taking advantage of the grocery store’s two-for-one deals on all their bakery cakes and pies, even though no one ends up eating them but you (and that’s your plan).   You’re too scared to give away your maternity clothes because they’re the only wardrobe that fits…

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    Pregnancy Facebook Ad

    PREGNANT MAMA- THIS JOURNEY IS THE DEFINING MOMENT OF THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE   Not just for baby but for his mother.   His mother who is the…   Giver of life. Protector. Sanctuary.   That baby is relying on you to keep him safe and healthy. Which is why priority one should be making sure his mama is in the best physical condition possible.   She’s the sacred holy ground where he will learn many things from her in his life.   Tie his shoes. Walk and talk. Say “mommy” for the first time.   She must treat herself well, which means balancing exercise and good nutrition. And that starts…

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    Health & Fitness Pregnancy Facebook Ad

    Hey pregnant mama…. DESTINED TO CARRY THE FLESHY BELLY APRON, SAGGING TRICEPS AND DOUBLE CHIN OF POST-PREGNANCY?   At least that’s what everybody assumes will happen when you get pregnant. And those babies will stay around long after the bundle of joy is born. That’s what I was told– and you’re probably being told that, too.   Not only that, but… Friends are trying to hide their shock at your appearance behind pity smiles. Hubby’s subtle gestures to make a salad for two even though he knows vegetables are outlawed in the house. That wonderful mirror, the one that never lies, has been avoiding that “who’s the fairest one of…

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    Nutrition Facebook Ad

    Facebook Ad Copy Sample – Nutrition Supplement CHILDREN ARE BEING POISONED BY A WELL-KNOWN INGREDIENT THAT WE’RE ALL EATING EVERYDAY! And no one is doing anything about it. I remember the exact moment the truth was explained to me in a way that it finally sunk in. I was horrified at the levity of what I’d been doing to myself and my child all these years. It wasn’t until I started having physical health problems that I started checking into it and when I found out that I was slowly poisoning myself and my family, I gasped. Sugar. Sugar is poison. It’s in EVERYTHING we eat– even fruits and some…

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