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    More Information is NOT What You Need (Here’s What You Do Need)- EMAIL SAMPLE

    The number one reason women fail in business is because they paralyze themselves in an abyss of “information.” They get stuck in the feeling of needing to know more, instead of taking action as they learn. And it’s not just a need to know more, sometimes it’s an excuse not to take action. IT MAKES US THINK AND FEEL THAT WE ARE ACTUALLY MOVING FORWARD WHEN IN FACT WE ARE NOT! And perhaps it’s just another version of busy work… We convince ourselves we’re doing for our business when in reality we’re just hiding. Hiding from trying. Hiding from failure. Hiding from fear. And even hiding from success. So why…

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    Online Course Facebook Ad

    Facebook Ad Copy Sample- Online Course   The kids may be out of the house, but that full-time job is still requiring eight hours of daily life suckage in order to pay for the “grown-up” responsibilities society insisted you needed to be happy. (Because only 10 MORE years until retirement….yay!) And that secret dream of being an entrepreneur that no one’s supposed to know about because if they did, it would mean being cast out of society and forever marked as an unrealistic dreamer? It’s STILL waiting at the gate on stand-by looking at its watch waiting for you to show up to start a new life far from rules…

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    Coaching/Consulting Facebook Ad

    Dear Coaching Expert, In the eyes of the world, I’m nobody special. With a small group who follow me. And I’m not trying to sell you on a magic “All Your Problems are Solved!” system. Or ask you to sign up for a “live” training course that conveniently begins 5 minutes from now. And, I’m camera shy, so this message will have to do. Having said all that? My sales are through the roof. I’m getting thousands of dollars a week flooding into my bank account for spending as little as a few hours a day on “work.” (My worst performing days still yield me hundreds of dollars. So it’s…

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