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A self-paced, special edition workshop on how to write with sassy flair & originality—and instantly edit your content to feel more fun, creative and ohh-yeah this year, no matter what you're writing.


Who’s That Girl That Speaks To My Soul?✨

I know you know HER. She’s your favorite writer, and she has the ability snatch your beating heart out of your chest.

That girl on Twitter whose tweets are just so.freaking. clever.

That Instagrammer whose captions are like truth bombs exposing so much HONESTY AND BRUTAL TRUTH.

That INFLUENCER whose posts you read immediately, whose books you pre-order like whoa, and whose entire website you'd like to MAKE OUT WITH.

And PERHAPS even that company with the HILARIOUS product descriptions that make you CHUCKLE AND GUFFAW, AND FAN YOURSELF (in that order).

Whether you're writing blog posts, headlines, subject lines, Instagram captions, tweets, product descriptions, sales pages, website copy, ad copy, text messages, bullet points, or your uncle’s epitaph…

You'll learn how to transform boring, snoozy, ordinary, cliché, totally yawn writing into a top down, hands in the air, blowing down the highway, amazing content you'll want to brag about like $30k+ months (and that others will want to viral share).  

Writing on the Internet is About Creating *A Buzz*

Social media dictates that we write in shorter sentences these days—which means we all need convey our message in a short timeframe with witty, brilliant personality in order to catch our audience’s attention.

So with less space and time, what we say has to trigger an emotional reaction in our audience so that they remember you.

These smaller messages thrive or die by the smallest decisions we make in word choice, which all come together to create your VOICE.  

Your voice is the measuring stick by which your people judge whether or not they want to listen to you-- so it’s *galaxy next level important.

Writing was once reserved for professional communication (“To Whom It May Concern-- this is my “professional voice”): now, it’s an everyday necessity. (Kind of like Halo Top ice cream. Have you ever heard of Halo Top? GO OUT AND GET SOME RIGHT NOW!)

Today, every business owner is expected to be a content creator and writer. In fact, your face is plopped in front of the computer monitor 80% of the day. But, does it FEEL GOOD to read? (Hint: Personality writing is about creating *pleasure*.)


Add More Personality To Your Writing

Sound the alarm! (The “you’re our 10,000th customer!” alarm, not the “Hands against the wall and don’t MOVE!” alarm.)

ANYWAY... I'm $360 bajillion dollar lottery winner- excited to be giving this special workshop, Add More Personality to Your Writing, in which I'll be teaching my top thirteen (13) favorite creative writing techniques, hacks, edits, tweaks and transformations to immediately inject your content with steroid-inducing muscle magic, that is of course, assuming your online platform isn't one of those “I don’t want to bulk up” phobia logic on a diet.

We'll even be editing several pieces of sample copy—so you can see how this works in real-life, not just theory—and you'll be doing some active writing and editing of your own too—muahaha.

Blow a kiss goodbye to feeling like you don’t know how to write, or what to say on the Internet, whose paragraphs read like a 1980's toaster oven instructional manual, and hello sweetheart to becoming a modern-day content queen pied piper whose witty remarks bring ALL the buyers to the yard.


  • Picture Perfect Prose: How To Write Like A Photograph
  • Ugly Crying Into Your Fruity Pebbles: How To Establish An Emotional Connection With Your Audience
  • When A Salamander is Soul Mates With A Diesel Fuel Truck (Or How to Think Outside Your Context/Industry)
  • How To Take Any Common Word And Say What It REALLY Is, Instead
  • The "I Caught A Fish THIS BIG" Trick to Dial Up The Drama
  • The "You’re Reading My Mind!" The Raiders of the Lost Ark of Viral, Shareable Internet Content
  • How to Play to the Audience (And Instantly Create Jazzy, Funny, Inner Circle Writing That’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Thrilling to Read)
  • “Band-Aid Encrusted Scabs + Zero Vaseline”- My Go-To Editing Technique (This One Alone is Worth It, So Help Me Bea Arthur)
  • Never Call A Monkey A Baboon Without Good Reason—And Other Non-Negotiable Rules on Creative Word Choice
  • Side-Splitting Humor + The Formula For Making Something Hilarious (And How You Can Add It to Any Sentence Immediately)
  • The "Chubby Kazoo" Technique + How To Interrupt A Reader's Brain To Get Their Attention
  • Modern Writing on the Internet-- And How to Update Your Content So You Don't Sound Like An Out of Touch 18th Century Patent Clerk
  • How to Fourth of July Firework Your Ending + Colossal, Blingy Takeaway (One of The Most Important Components of Writing Magnetic Content for the Internet That Doesn't Dive Bomb and Take Your Reputation With It)

PLUS! We'll Examine & Analyze Some Copy Examples —Including What Makes Something Interesting


This workshop has 13 training modules and several bonus modules each breaking down a tool or technique that you can use immediately with your existing copy, or to create content that stops traffic and stops your audience’s heart!

Reserve your spot alongside me, A.J., before this course closes!