Mortgage Professionals Facebook Ad (Long Copy)


Mortgage professionals:


IF you stay up nights worrying about keeping your pipeline filled,

IF you’re a new or unestablished agent, but dedicated to buying leads, OR

IF you’re an established professional, maybe even a high producer and you’re looking to add five figures a month to your income within 90 days...this message is for you.




My name is Greg Corso and I’m in the business of increasing mortgage professionals’ income by five figures a month within 90 days.


And I’m here to sell you these results.


You heard me right. I'm here to sell you the exact same results.


I respect your time and intelligence so I’m going to make this quick and I’m going to be upfront with you right now.


I’m here to sell you something you need badly and the reason I know you need it bad is because I was in your exact same spot.


I’ve been in sales and marketing for over two decades. For the past decade I’ve specialized in working with professionals like yourself.


I’m also married to a mortgage broker who’s been in the business for over 17 years now and is currently closing 8-10 loans per month on complete autopilot.




And what I’ve learned from all those years of experience is this:


You don’t have the time or interest in marketing your business.


You’re too busy chasing last minute documents that need to be signed and collected.


You’re juggling between making the underwriter happy to get the file cleared, keeping the paperwork straight, and managing the processors, inspectors, appraisers, realtors and a thousand other moving parts to get the deal closed.


Not to mention that you’re praying that nothing bad happens like finding out the buyer lost his job the day before you were supposed to close which means the entire deal is off and you’re now scrambling to figure out how to live the next few months on a dwindling bank account, your last bag of frostbitten frozen chicken and a Costco-sized bag of white rice.




So let me ask you something, have you reached the point of refusing to accept less for your life than what you deserve yet?


Or are you content playing the guessing game of not knowing where and when you’re next commission check is coming from?


Hey, if you’re happy where you’re at then keep doing what you’re doing.


If feast or famine is your way of feeling like you’re making progress then far be it from me to tell you any different.


But there will come a time when your body will tire and you will no longer have the desire to keep running around chasing new leads.


My guess is that eventually you will want to retire. Will the way you’re doing things now get you there comfortably?


Or are you hoping on a wing and a prayer that nothing catastrophic happens like an unforeseen injury that leaves you disabled where you can’t keep up with living paycheck to paycheck.




Wouldn’t it be much easier to set up a solid strategy?


Wouldn’t it be easier to turn on the faucet of a steady stream of leads and structure your business in a way that you never have to worry about making any one commission check last months?


So let me ask you this, when you’re knee-deep in the colossal tidal wave that is about to crash land on your head, are you really thinking about marketing your business?


And in the aftermath of it all, when you’re busy saving deals, do you have time to worry about marketing then?


And I also know you’d rather pay to have a system that gets you steady clients in your pipeline and a flow of prospects knocking down your door to work with you.


You’ve tried lots of different ways to get leads, right?


Maybe you bought lead generation lists from a couple different services, which you learned pretty quickly were,for the most part, are all garbage.


Maybe you’ve paid other quote (air quotes) marketing professionals (/air quotes) to set up a marketing funnel in the past but the only person who made any money was the guy who sold it to you.


Maybe you have a FB page.

Maybe you even have a website.


Many brokers have a company website and even a marketing director, but, is any of it generating leads for you? Consistent, qualified leads?


I can imagine that from your perspective, every marketing plan and system you’ve invested in hasn’t worked consistently, so you probably decided a while back, to do it yourself.


Except that you’re not doing it. It’s not getting done.




There’s always something else you need to do first, some other fire you need to put out, one more borrower who needs hand-holding.


And if you’ve been burned at some point, I get it.


You may be reluctant to get your hopes up that you can actually have a consistent, proven strategy that will funnel in a steady stream of leads month after month after month.


But what if you suspended disbelief for a moment?


And you were open to considering the possibility that you could actually have your marketing done for you while you focused on your clients.


Would you be willing to listen to what I have to say?




Before I get into telling you how I can help, I need you to understand and be aware that I might be talking to the wrong person. This might not be a fit for you.


After all, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, so to be fair to you, all I can do is invite you to take a few minutes and chat with me about the goals you have for your business and your income expectations.


So, if you know you need a proven done-for-you framework, you need to book a call.




I’d love to show you the blueprint we offer, which can bring your business to the next level!


I said I’d be upfront and honest with you, so I’m not interested in wasting your time or mine.


I’m acting in good faith that you are seriously and actively looking for a solution to getting a steady influx of clients every month.

If you are, then use my scheduler to book a call with me. Once you do, this is what’s going to happen:


We are going to chat a little and break the ice.

Then I’m going to ask you about what’s specifically going on in your business now, what’s not working and where you want to go.


From there, based on our conversation, if I think you could truly benefit from my program we’ll discuss the details of having me and my team setup a proven, lead generation funnel for you.


If I don’t think you need me, or if I can’t help you, then I will still work with you to come up with a strategy blueprint that will at least give you some clarity on the direction you may want to take your marketing.


Sound fair?




Look, I know you’re no fool. You want proof that you’ll get results.


Am I right?


Here’s the thing.


Provided we’re a good fit for each other, my intention is to increase your income by five figures a month within 90 days.


Granted, that depends on several factors- your efforts and which strategies you select, being among them, but I can guarantee you that by the end of our call you will know whether or not this is right for you.


We both know as entrepreneurs it all comes down to two things- changing lives and making money.


We will show you what it takes to get to the next level in your business.


You already know you’ve gotta take control over of your lead generation, so that you can take control of your income...


And with us, you’ll have an automated system in place.




Our philosophy is,“Focus on ONE thing, boil it down to the least amount of steps and automate it!”


That’s exactly what we do!

You need a marketing automation platform, designed specifically for mortgage professionals.


We’ve got the copy.

We’ve got the message.

We’ve got the funnel.

We’ve got the whole process.

It’s automated.

We set up the entire funnel within hours.

And we manage it for you.


Within days you could start seeing leads flood in.

How would it feel to close 5-10 new loans next month?

And have next month’s leads in the pipeline waiting for you to make first contact?


We just need to chat to see if we’re a good fit.




So, let’s do this. Let’s get on the phone, if you like what I have to say, we can talk about the possibility of working together.


But here’s the catch.


I have limited availability on my calendar and I’m only taking on a limited number of new clients, so………….. If you know you need a marketing strategy that can be created for you within hours and put leads in your pipeline next week, so you have 5 - 10 more closings next month.


The call will take 20 minutes or less.


Schedule a time right now, that’s convenient for you, using the scheduler below.




I’ll talk with you soon.