Sometimes There’s Going to be A Little Pain Involved

They never prepare you for how to be a parent.

One day everything changes.


It can happen almost overnight. One day we’re having trouble with finding clean matching socks and now we’re responsible for a life?

It’s terrifying!

No matter how much you plan or how confident you are about life, there are things you can’t prepare for...but it shouldn’t stop you from trying.

The trick is not pretending that it doesn’t exist. You’ve got to face it and deal with it head on.

It’s not fun.

It’s never comfortable.

And sometimes there’s going to be a little pain involved.

But if you don’t resolve it, it is a statistical certainty that the pain you’ll experience will be a hundred times worse.

To be ‘winning’ at parenting you need to have systems and rules in place which help you to maintain balance (and your sanity).

On the flip side, your child needs structure, discipline and boundaries. They need to know what the rules are, what they can and can’t do.

And the only way they will know is what you teach them.

The same can be said in marketing your business.

For you to get steady, consistent results, you have to have structure, rules and boundaries in place so that you can predict positive results.

Basically, you’re tired of getting the same results with your business, right?

So, you want different, more positive results.

To get that, you can’t keep doing what you’re doing and expecting ‘different’ results.

It’s time to do something different than what you’re doing. So you can get different results.

Better results.

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Greg Corso