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I Was Helpless to Save My Baby Sister

A 20% mortality rate.

Excuse me...what?

When she was only 28 years old, my sister was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease with a 20% mortality rate.


Once diagnosed, she was immediately put on a dose of prednisone (steroids) that could choke a horse. Something like 100mg per day.

She’s 5’3”.

That stuff, while ‘curing her’, messed her up. Messed up her head.

She was diminished as a person and a shell of the girl I grew up with. She was distant, in a fog. Couldn’t hold a single conversation and would spend 6 hours a day staring at the directory channel.

Being close as kids, felt helpless being her older brother. I was supposed to protect her and here I was powerless.

It was infuriating and made me feel weak at the same time. An emotional molotov cocktail.

She eventually did recover, more than a year later. Thankfully, her condition went into remission.

Crazy shit, right?

Although traumatic, we all learned something...I never want to feel that powerless and loss of control again. It’s changed me as a person.

Now I’m more aggressive in solving problems.

Take action and change what I can. I’d rather apologize later than ask permission.

The lesson is there are too many things in life we can’t control, so to help make our lives easier, let’s focus on the things we CAN control.

Yup, you guessed it, YOU can control the way you get leads. Your outbound marketing.

Grab a hold of it… put it in a choke hold and drop it into submission!

That’s what we’re offering to you. Right now.

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