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How I Lost 10k in 4 Hours

Poker popularity was surging in the mid 2000’s. When visiting family, I ventured to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut to take my shot. Laughable looking back.

I bought into a mini-tournament. It cost $200. It was a one table ‘sit-n-go’. I lost. ouch.

I bought into another. I won it, which earned me a $1,000 seat in a larger multi-table tournament.

In this $1,000 table, the top 22 people would earn a seat in the $10,000 buy-in World Poker Tour Main Event.

It was coming down to the wire. Literally. I was among the last 23 people. The next one to lose would be cut and the remaining would get their $10,000 voucher.

I was down to my last 4 chips. I was going to be blinded out if i didn’t go all in in the next hand or two. Amazingly enough, a guy in front of me went all in and the chip leader called him.

Talk about tension. I waited as the cards were turned over. The whole thing unfolded in slow motion. I was sweating in places I shouldn’t.

The guy who went all in….LOST! The chip leader took him out and I was in the top 22!!!

WOW! When it was all over, as I was holding that $10,000 voucher...I was thrilled and scared at the same time.

I spent $400 and flipped it to be worth $10K...and a shot at MILLIONS!

I actually considered selling it to the hungry line of people who would have bought it for a seat in the BIG tournament. But the main event was big that year and the top spot was getting something around $8 MILLION in cash if they won and the next 40 getting paid fat sums as well.

How could i turn down a shot at that? Honestly, i had only invested $400 up to this point. I turned it into $10K and it could be worth millions. This is what dreams are made of!

The big tournament started the next day.

The next morning, I was flush with the excitement of possibility and coffee. When I got to my table I was assigned at, I realized there was a Poker Pro at my table.

Of all the luck. Yep, not just a pro, but one of the heavily televised ones you see making a killing all the time. At least back then.

This was supposed to last 4 days this tournament and the final table was going to be televised.

I was busted out in the first day. I did make it till after lunch, but not much further.

Yes, it was the Pro who scooped the remaining chips I had.

I was bummed…that escalated quickly.

My shot at millions was gone.

I wasn’t playing assertive enough when I knew I had better hands or I had an intuition someone else was bluffing.

I hesitated when I should have played confidently and it cost me dearly. It cost me my tournament life and a shot at millions. Plus I’d have been on TV, how cool would that have been?

Basically, if you want results, you need to go ‘all-in’. You need to know, the only chance you have at winning is to play the game.

You might win and you might lose, but the ONLY chance you have at winning is to play.

If you want to create or do anything big in your life, you’re going to have to step outside your comfort zone, cause that’s how we grow.

If you want different’re going to have to DO different things!

So are you going to timidly play the hand you’re dealt or look to dominate?



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