Facebook Ad Campaigns- Real Estate

Campaign #1:

Did your bank offer you a mortgage? Call me today to get a free review and advice on the offer to make sure you are getting a good deal!


Don’t make a Mortgage Mistake!


Would you pick the first car you saw on the car lot? Then why would you accept the first offer on a mortgage? There are so many rates and options open to you. Call me today for a free consultation.


Campaign #2:

Why Should You Find Out if You Qualify for a Mortgage?

*Never rent again!

*Decorate your home the way you want (no painting fees or rules)

*Security to know that you own your own home

*Host parties and holiday gatherings

*The money you pay each month goes toward equity in your home, not a landlord’s pocket

*Plant whatever you want in your front yard

*Build your dream life around your home!


Book a FREE call to find out how to qualify for a mortgage now!



Campaign #3:

What if Christmas were to come early for you this year?


Are you REALLY gonna suffer through another holiday dinner at your family’s house?

You know you can’t stand it there.


The political conversations that ALWAYS turn into fighting. Sometimes with a feature heavyweight  match between your dad and drunk Uncle Carl.


The oversized serving of passive aggressive guilt by your mother you get on your plate right next to the charred turkey and “peel-still-on” mashed potatoes (yuck!) for not visiting more often.


The glazed look on your face as you are forced to listen to the same inane debates as last year between relatives you hope never to see again (until you are forced to next year because holidays and all…), as you fight back the post-dinner yawn and repeatedly look at your watch desperately trying to answer the question in your head, “what is the acceptable number of obligatory hours to stick around before it is safe to leave without being given the third degree?”


Sounds horrible, right?


So why are you planning on doing it again this year? You’ve worked hard in 2017. You’ve lined up your finances. Your job is going well and you’re interested in finding out how you can qualify to get a dream home of your own.


It isn’t as difficult as it sounds. In fact, I can tell you exactly if you qualify for a mortgage and how much. All we have to do is book a call.


If you don’t like what you hear, you don’t have to take my advice.


But hey, it’s definitely going to be better to get a little more cold, hard facts under your belt than dreading another holiday dinner.


Because in your own home, YOU call the shots.

That means that dad and Uncle Carl are in a zero tolerance political debate zone, and if they don’t like it, you have your very own dream door that you can show them the other side.


Owning your own home this year means that YOU get to decide when the party’s over.

YOU get to design the holiday dinner of your dreams.


And daring to dream is the first step.


Click here to book a call now:


Dream homes are for collecting memories. What memories will you make this year?