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Campaign #1

Hey Homebuyer, You Could Get Qualified TODAY!

Nervous about buying a home?

Not sure how to go about it?

We teach you step-by-step how to qualify for a mortgage regardless of where you are in your financial journey today.

:: You will discover what you need in order to get approved THIS WEEK!

:: How much (if any) money you need as a down payment.

:: What range your credit score needs to be in order to be qualified.

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Campaign #2



You’re raising her right and all you want is to protect her forever. We help you find security in choosing the right mortgage for you. After all, you are leaving a legacy…

And for your family that means home.

Book a call and let’s chat about how we can find the best mortgage for your family.


Campaign #3


Parents Helping Teenage Son Pack For College

You’ve spent your life giving them a great one. Now it’s time to let them go and find their future while you find a home more suited to the next phase in your lives.

We care about how you’re redefining yourself in this next chapter and want to help you find the right mortgage. Book a call so we can chat about how to help you seamlessly transition into the next exciting phase of life.

Because they want to know that while they’ve left the nest, it will never be empty.


Campaign #4



At least that’s what society’s telling you.

“It’s time you grow up and get financially responsible.”
“You should provide a stable place for your family to live”
“You’re wasting all that rent money when you could be growing equity.”

It’s not that you disagree with homeownership, but you’re not going to be forced into it by society’s opinions of how you should live your life.

After all, it’s either your way or no way.

But you also want the perks that homeownership brings. You’re sick of not existing in the dream life you’ve envisioned.

Because right now it doesn’t feel good handing over a massive chunk of change each month to that landlord’s sweaty palms knowing none of that money will be working for you.

Because it’s someone else’s rules about what color stay on the walls, how many cars are allowed in the driveway and whether or not you can get that adorable Weimaraner puppy you’ve wanted since you were nine.

And all of this is simply no longer acceptable.

We both know you’re not going to take it anymore. There’s a place on the other side of all these rules and it’s calling your name.

The next payment made will build equity in a home that has the possibility to leverage and improve your financial security.

Every day the kids bound into the house, throwing backpacks on the table and begging for that after school snack, they do so knowing they’re in a safe and stable home where friends are invited over and unlimited giggles are included free of charge.

Birthday parties, holiday dinners, and group get togethers are hosted at your home. There is plenty of space and the decor begs to be shown off exactly as you designed it.

Every tradition, every moment and every event will be recorded and held under the roof of a life-sized memory box you were smart enough to grab at a great deal.



A smart, zero-fluff resource for over 40 homebuyers who aren’t intimidated by pulling the trigger on finding the BEST mortgage for their family’s financial needs.

That’s where I come in. I help people like you:

Gain the respect of your friends and family when you explain the details of what a great deal you got on your home financing.
Reinforce that you are a responsible, financially savvy homeowner.
Provide your children with a safe, secure place to invite friends over and share countless memories.
Take charge and redecorate or renovate anything you darn well please on your own property.

I designed this FREE one-on-one training call that will show you EXACTLY which mortgage program is tailor-made for you.

Absolutely live (no webinars or recordings)
You’ll speak to me personally (no assistants)
At the most it will be 20 minutes long with only the information you need to get a mortgage that’s perfect for you.
Zero obligation- I sincerely want to help you and if I can’t I will point you to someone who can.

“Greg is a jack-of-all trades. No matter what industry you're in, he knows how to dive in with both feet, figure out your business’ true value as well as what changes need to be made over the long haul to build more value. He's savvy in marketing, advertising, sales, operations and more. He has also built an endless network of talent to pull from to help you grow and never hesitates to introduce and connect each contact together. He gives so much more than he takes which is a rare trait in today's business world. I'm honored to have him in my network.”

“Greg is unique in how he can see a problem and is able to cut through the minutia to get to the best solution. He always speaks with candor and you can tell he only does it with the best intentions and really cares about your well-being and your business growth and progress. It's always been a pleasure dealing with him. I'd recommend his services to anyone!"

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